About the projectMain 6 stages

Project “Street for all” is a practice of stakeholder engagement into the process of planning and reconstruction
of public space – Stepan Bandera Street.

Project details

Target groupsWhom we address to


We support citizens-participation in planning-procedures


We promote transparent decision-making


We develop approaches how to involve local business in the upgrading of public space


We help engineers and architects to make their results understandable for all

ToolboxTools which we offer

  • “Urban Café”
  • Focus Groups
  • Street Activities
  • Advisory Board
  • Workshops
  • Street Art
  • Urban Study
  • Variants
  • Visualizations

PartnersMain partners running the “Street for All” project

Press Conference: Presentation of variants of Stepan Bandera street reconstruction

Detailed discussion of three variants of Stepan Bandera street reconstruction, involving project managers from City Institute, experts from LCE “Institute of Spatial Development” and representatives of all stakeholder groups. Presentation and discussion, by using 3D visualizations, of street profiles and sketch variants. Ways for further activities:

  • Research of transport and pedestrian flows in the street, parking cars (research will include intensity of flows on pedestrian areas, crossings, analysis of parking needs and traffic counting).
  • Creating plans of entire street (after that residents, experts and stakeholders could understand in more detail how the street will look like anddecide which variant suits the best to the street).

Stakeholder group representatives who participated in the meeting, in particular cyclists, limited mobility people and residents which have children have supported first variant of street reconstruction.

Note that the first variant provides 2 car lanes which will be shared with public transport too. There are planned 2 bike lanes on the road, preservation of trees, car parking arrangement between the trees and wide sidewalks. According to that variant, bike lanes will be elevated along bus and tram stops to meet the same level of landing platform as tram and bus floor one.  



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