About the projectMain 6 stages

Project “Street for all” is a practice of stakeholder engagement into the process of planning and reconstruction
of public space – Stepan Bandera Street.

Project details

Target groupsWhom we address to


We support citizens-participation in planning-procedures


We promote transparent decision-making


We develop approaches how to involve local business in the upgrading of public space


We help engineers and architects to make their results understandable for all

ToolboxTools which we offer

  • “Urban Café”
  • Focus Groups
  • Street Activities
  • Advisory Board
  • Workshops
  • Street Art
  • Urban Study
  • Variants
  • Visualizations

PartnersMain partners running the “Street for All” project

Urban workshop: reconstruction of public space around the Mary Magdalene Church / Organ Hall

The target audience of the workshop were the architects who are interested (and experienced) in the process of updating spaces, experts of the specialized institutes and units of the Lviv City Council (Office of Ecology and Landscape Design, Architecture Office, Transport Office, "Lvivavtodor" LCE, "Institute for Spatial Development" LCE.

The 1-day-workshop’s program included:

  • presentation of the previous work results on area reconstruction around the Mary Magdalene Church: analysis of elaborations (within previous meetings) together with the residents, as well as architects and transport specialists;
  • study of space around the Mary Magdalene Church (Lviv House of Organ and Chamber Music) in cooperation with the German expert Philipp Gleiche (architect of Leipzig City Council);
  • group work on three directions of space reconstruction:
    - space arrangement (functional elements etc.)
    - traffic organization around / near the space
    - possible "changes" of Profesorska Street in the system of reconstructed space

Leipzig city administration has in its structure a special office with the experts designing the city public spaces, and whose work is coordinated by documents that approve use of certain materials / elements in a particular area.

This helps to improve the quality of public spaces in the city, it creates conditions for qualitative approach to planning and construction of spaces for residents. There is a synchronization of the general concept of space vision in the system of "street", "city" with a specific design task. This approach, and availability of such structure, helps to develop a detailed technical task (terms of reference) for an architect who will carry out this project.

“It was very good to work in an interdisciplinary team with transport-experts and architects because a lot of questions can only be solved together. We still have to improve this communication. We managed to define some basic principles in terms of the design of the public space around Magdalena Church. Example: In the future there should not be a wall anymore, but a slope. The church would like this to be situated on top of a hill.

We also managed to define some open questions that need further clarification. Example: How to connect the three squares around the intersection Bandery-/ Chuprynky Street for pedestrians?, - said Stefan Gabi.

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Rynok square, 1, office 204

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